Survey: Movement

Directions: Please write a well-formatted response to each of the questions found below.

1. In which way do you relate to the arts?

2. How do you believe that the arts have helped you as you have experienced life daily?

3. Name three words that best describe you.

4. What do you believe is the number one key to being yourself?

5. Why do you believe that it may be difficult for some people to accept themselves?

6. Why do you believe that it is important for people to love themselves?

7. What advice would you give people who are having difficulty accepting or loving themselves?

8. Do you believe that it has become increasingly common for people to overlook the needs of others? Why or why not?

9. How can society more effectively celebrate the positive impact that can be made from the unique attributes of each individual?

10. When considering the legacy that you live on Earth, name three ways in which you would like to be remembered.

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