Survey: Strength

Directions: Please write a well-formatted response to each of the questions found below.

1. Name three ways in which you believe that the arts effectively promote total well-being.

2. Name at least one creative work, such as a song, that has helped you to gain strength or stay strong along your journey.

3. What does strength mean to you? How would you define strength?

4. In which ways have the obstacles that you have encountered contributed to an increase in strength?

5. In which way do you believe that people can most effectively learn from their weaknesses?

6. Do you believe that it is more effective for people to learn from their own experiences, the experiences of others, or a combination of both?

7. Do you believe that many people have difficulties sharing their personal experiences, and, if so, what do you believe is one way in which more people could be inspired to share their personal encounters?

8. Name three ingredients that you believe are fundamental to staying perseverant when confronted with obstacles.

9. What do you believe is one fundamental way in which the practice of stigmatization in society can be halted?

10. In which area of your life do you believe that music has most significantly contributed to your health?

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