Tentative Schedule – Electives


The Arts


Advanced Spanish

Week #1

Themes: Functions and Wellness

1. Four Realms of Health

2. Factors that Affect Health

3. Safety, Dangers, and Risks

4. Your Body Image (The Strength to be You)

5. The Importance of Nutrition and Exercise on the Human Body

1. The Therapeutic Value of the Arts

2. Wellness through the Arts; The Impact of the Arts on Overall Health

3. Maintaining Safety

4. The Arts in Self-Assessment

5. Making Effective Choices

1. Alphabet and Numbers

2. Subject Pronouns

3. Ser vs. Estar

4. Interrogative Words

5. Common Greetings and Friendly Exchange

6. Types of Adjectives, Including Colors; Adverbs; Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs

7. Vocab. Focus: States of Being

1. Nouns

2. Pronouns

3. Preterite Tense Verbs

4. Stem-Changing Preterite Tense Verbs

5. A Study of Geography

6. Vocab. Focus: Health and Safety; The Human Body, Nutrition, and Exercise

Week #2

Themes: History and Challenge

1. Crisis at Hand

2. Informed Decision-Making

3. Critical Intervention

4. Stress and Its Impact on Health

5. Stress Management

1. Facing Your Challenges

2. Art through the Ages

3. Art’s Impact on External Confrontation

4. Art’s Impact on Internal Challenges

5. Art’s Impact on Global Chaos

1. Nouns and Their Genders

2. Definite and Indefinite Articles

3. Demonstrative and Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns

4. Telling Time

5. Ordinal Numbers

6. Days, Months, Seasons

7. Vocab. Focus: Time and Weather

1. Imperfect Tense Verbs

2. Present Progressive Tense and Other Progressive Tense Verbs

3. Adjectives and Adverbs

4. A Variety of Statement Formations

5. A Celebration of Hispanic Culture and Geography

6. Vocab. Focus: Behaviors and Hobbies

Week #3

Themes: Discovery and Relation

1. Pathways of Communication in Health

2. Health Values

3. An Analysis of Healthy Habits in Four Realms of Health

4. From Negative Situations into Positive Experiences

5. Interpersonal and Other Factors of Health: Communication, Personal Skills, Family

1. The Arts’ Role in Today’s Society

2. The Arts’ Role in Providing Information

3. The Arts Can Increase Understanding

4. Art’s Impact on Open Communication

5. Maintaining Effective Relationships

1. Regular and Irregular Present Tense -ar,-er,-ir Verbs

2. Stem-Changing Verbs

3. Reflexive Verbs

4. Gustar and Other Special Case Verbs

5. Negative Expressions

6. Reflexive and Other Types of Pronouns

7. Vocab. Focus: People and Professions

1. Future Tense Verbs

2. Conditional Tense Verbs

3. Future/Conditional Roots

4. Letter Response Formations

5. A Study of Communication and Transportation

6. Vocab. Focus: Vision, Goals, Activities

Week #4

Themes: Engagement and Advancement

1. Your Role in Promoting Well-Being

2. Care For One’s Self and Others

3. The Need for Health Initiatives; The Importance of Collaborative Measures in Health Initiatives

4. Health Careers

5. Advancement in Four Realms of Health

1. The Arts’ Role in Noticing the Need

2. An Altruistic Approach through the Arts

3. The Arts and You; Your Role as a Member of Society

4. A Compassionate Composition

5. Incorporating Art into Daily Living as You Build Your Legacy

1. Direct Object Pronouns

2. Indirect Object Pronouns

3. Double Object Pronouns

4. Prepositional Words

5. Por vs. Para

6. Vocab. Focus: Locales and Items within Specific Locales

1. Past Participle and Perfect Tense Verbs

2. Pluperfect Tense Verbs

3. Indicative vs. Subjunctive Mood

4. Passive Voice and Commands

4. A Study of Travel

5. Vocab. Focus: Travel Presentation