The Facts

  • Music has been an integral part of society throughout history.
  • Music has been fruitful in helping people persevere through life.
  • Music is interwoven into the fabric of life; it can be found in every part of life.
  • Music has stood the test of time; we will not forget the legends who have devoted their lives to sharing their powerful art.
  • Music has helped many people to unite in causes that can change the world.
  • Music has been shown to heal and help restore.
  • Music education is imperative for all ages, and it can assist in cultural appreciation and unification.
  • Music can help open one’s mind to learn a variety of subjects in a more efficient manner.
  • Music can not only help people have better days, but it can also inspire, a term that is defined as literally “breathing [life] into”.
  • Music is more than an outlet or escape; although it can certainly help people do that, it can also help people connect and relate to others and their situations, face their fears, aspire to be their best selves, dream and dare to achieve their goals, and become inspired to use their abilities to make a difference in the world.
The Facts