Music's Reach

There’s a lot of people in this world that need hope. They need something to hold onto. They need an encouraging message. People are going through major turmoil every day, and no matter how bad we think we have it, there are always people who have it worse than we do. They need a friend, someone who will be there for them, someone who they can talk to, someone who will just listen. People need to know they are not alone. It is important that people have a support team that they can depend on, and it is imperative that we all extend arms of love and kindness in helping others, but, no matter how much we may try, sometimes we may have difficulties reaching through to those who need help the most. Yet, the beauty and the power of music is that it will always find a way to communicate to all beings. No matter what someone is going through, music can somehow relate. Music can reach far and wide, but it is as close as a heartbeat or a breath of air. No matter the style of music preferred, there is a song that speaks to each person. Every note and every beat, wonderfully composed, work together to infiltrate the soul and reach like nothing else can. The messages contained within the songs also speak volumes as they let people know that it’s alright to embrace a variety of emotions throughout the path of life. Music can carry people through the pain they are facing or can help them rejoice during life’s mountain peaks. Music can be an advocate as it helps guide and support people through trying times, and it can help people discover more about themselves and who they want to be. Music accepts people as they are and loves them unconditionally. Music does not try to change people, although it definitely is able to bring about change; instead, music meets people where they are. Music will not fail. Even when people do not listen to an external source, there is an internal song within each being that, if embraced, will comfort, even during the coldest and darkest hours of one’s journey. Music can be felt; music can be breathed; and music will provide people the motivation to endure.


Take the time to listen to the music.
Let it transport to your soul.
Let it speak to you;
Let it inspire you.
Let it breathe through you.
Make it a part of who you are;
Make it part of who you are going to be.

Music Helps Us Through…
Reaching us when nothing else can
Emphasizing with what we are experiencing
Letting us know that everything will be alright
Allowing us to know that we’re not alone
Talking about the real issues
Easing the pain that comes with facing certain obstacles in life
Demonstrating how others have been able to overcome
Nurturing our sense of belonging
Encouraging us to be our best selves
Supporting us no matter where we are in our journeys
Sharing hope and optimism so that we can be inspired to persevere

We are not made to travel life’s journey alone
Or to neglect our emotions as if we’re made out of stone
Though we may feel like outcasts, we’re not made to hide
But to embrace who we are on the inside
We’re more than we know; yet, we don’t always see
That our uniqueness is our inner strength and beauty
But if we listen to the words of the songs reaching within
Then lives of confidence and positivity we can begin
For the music speaks life and tells us to lift our heads up high
Holds us close when we’re afraid, catches our tears when we cry
Wherever we are in our journeys
Music somehow knows and it holds the keys
To help us persevere and encourage us to sing our song
To let us know that we are loved and that we belong

I’ve been left black and blue
Torn apart, ripped from the inner seams ’til I thought my life was through
Left feeling like every part of me would disintegrate
Robbed of my joy and esteem, a victim of intolerance and hate
Spewed out like the bitterness in the tongue’s taste
Told I would never amount to anything and I was nothing more than a waste
Made to feel hopeless, defenseless, and insecure
Like every ounce of me was crimson stained and nothing left was pure
And I wouldn’t be here right know had music left me abandoned too
But my inner song always found a way to pull me through
To comfort me when I was left for broke
When nothing else reached me, the music spoke
Showing me that I was more than what others thought and how they treated me
Giving me life and setting me free
Providing me with the strength to face another day
Guiding me with its truth and lighting my way

Whether I’m dancing through the atmosphere
Or holding my pillow tight
Music is always near
Letting me know it’s OK to be me
Giving me hope and helping me to see
That I’m never alone; I have an eternal friend
A support I can turn to, on which I can depend
My confidant, my joy, my voice, my guide
Music reaches me and makes me feel alive inside
No matter what’s waiting for me each day
Music already knows the right words to say
It understands what I need without me uttering a sound
I am so glad music is always around

Suggested Songs

“Can I Be Him?” – James Arthur

“Can You Hear the Music” – The Rolling Stones

“Don’t Forget Where You Belong” – One Direction

“Have All The Songs Been Written?” – The Killers

“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

“Hey Jude” – The Beatles

“I Let the Music Speak” – ABBA

“It’s Not A Song” – Amy Grant

“Sad Song” – The Cars