Unity - Outline

Found within this outline are a variety of topics which have been addressed within the Unity unit of this website, as well as corresponding questions for consideration. Please click here if you would like to access an activity based on this outline.

Artistic Creativity


Questions to Consider

A Unifying Key

How can music promote social connection?
Where are some places in which the benefits of music in relation to social connection can be observed?

One Language

What is language?
What are some elements of music that contribute to its universality?
In which ways can music unite people despite language barriers?



Questions to Consider

Cultural Awareness

How do the arts promote cultural awareness?
In which ways can the arts help us develop cultural appreciation?

Open Communication

What is open communication, and why is it important to achieving progress?
In which ways can censorship inhibit communication?
How does expression promote open communication and facilitate social responsibility?



Questions to Consider

Importance of Love

Why is it important to love others?
In which way can we begin to turn the tide of negativity in society?
What is edification and how can it be achieved?
What are some reasons why uniting with others in creating positive impact is critical?

Caring for All

How can we build nourishing environments in which love triumphs over hate and in which progress in society flourishes?
What are some ways in which people can begin to care for one another?



Questions to Consider

Calls to Action Overview

What are some of the benefits of unity?
How have the arts generally been key in helping people unite?
What are three main categories of issues that the arts have been powerful in addressing throughout time, and what are some examples of how the arts have created positive impacts with regards to these types of issues?

Man vs. Man

What are some ways in which people may choose to avoid practicing love and acceptance?
What are some of the principles of a unified vision that can lead to progress within society?
What are some factors that can end the cycle of maliciousness?
What are some ways in which people can take action to end violence and discrimination?

Man vs. Himself

What are some ways in which we can overcome the human tendencies of focusing on the negative aspects of our lives?
What is an important key to loving others?
What are some reasons why people may try to inflict harm upon themselves?
What are some ways in which we can try to help people who are prone to self-harm?
How can the arts help us in effectuating change with regards to issues involving man vs. himself?

Man vs. Earth

Why is it crucial to take care of the Earth?
What is climate change and why is it important to address?
What are some examples of ways in which people’s actions can negatively and positively impact the Earth?
In which ways can the arts make a significant impact in raising awareness about the need to take care of the Earth?

Acts of Unity Overview

What are some ways in which artists are helping people to realize the importance of banding together for unified vision?


How can we begin to pick up the pieces when our world has crashed around us?
What are some emotions that people may encounter before, during, and after rebuilding?
What measures have some artists taken in helping people who have experienced tumultuous times to rebuild?

Demonstrating Compassion

How can we demonstrate compassion to others when we are experiencing difficult times?
Why is it important to demonstrate compassion to others?

Breaking the Barriers

What are some types of barriers that we should seek to break while living our legacies?
How can we begin to break the barriers that would have us to feel like we are living in defeat?
In which ways are we equipped with superpowers?
In which ways have many artists chosen to exemplify love, perseverance, and positivity when confronted with obstacles?
How can our inner songs help us to break barriers?