Upcoming 2020 Vision4Impact Festival

We invite you to envision a world in which benevolence and support are prioritized. We believe that education and the arts cultivate inspiration that has the power to change the world, and we are passionate about making a positive impact in society. Our team is comprised of such leaders as educators and artists who have witnessed the types of negativity that cause many people, including students, to lose confidence, self-esteem, and the willingness to persevere, and we are determined to make changes that will help raise awareness about the need for such critical components as love, kindness, compassion, support, and inclusion. Within our upcoming 2020 Vision4Impact Festival, we, along with other leaders, such as artists, company representatives, school officials, and students, will come together to help attendees recognize that they are able to accomplish their ambitions, heighten encouragement in regards to their ability to share their visions of a better world, increase their motivation in being proactive in creating change, and celebrate the strides that can be achieved when people stand united in their visions to create positive impacts through the arts and education. It is time for change in society, and it is our hope that this festival will serve as an asset in turning the tide from negativity into positivity. Please note that some of the many topics which may be addressed within this festival, as well as sample questions based on these topics, can be found below.


Art as a Campaigner

In which ways do the arts promote vision?

Art as a Contributor

What are some of the many benefits of art with regards to such key areas as comprehensive well-being and innovation?

Art as a Collaborator

In which ways are the arts bringing people together?

Art as a Catalyst

What are the benefits of art in helping people to relate to one another?

Art as a Creative Force

How can we begin to creatively work together to find solutions to many of the needs in society?


Collective Efforts

Why is it important for people to work together and learn from one another?

Open Pathways of Communication

How can the pathways of communication be opened and maintained effectively?

Emphasis on Awareness

What are some ways in which we can effectively become informed about issues prevalent in today’s society?

Unity through Individuality

How can learning about yourself and appreciating your unique attributes serve as significant assets in promoting unity?

Enhancement of Strengths

How can you learn to enhance your strengths and overcome your insecurities?


An Altruistic Approach

How does society begin to recognize and prioritize the needs of others?

Keys to Support

In which ways can we support one another and bring an end to such destructive practices as racism, stigmatization, and bullying?

Appreciation of Differences

In which ways can we celebrate the unique attributes of each individual and the positive contributions that each individual can make to society?

Prioritizing Love, Compassion, Kindness, and Inclusion

How can love, kindness, compassion, and inclusion begin to change the world and what can we collectively do to prioritize these keys in society?


Visions for Today and Tomorrow

What are some ways in which people are seeking to make an impact in society, and how can you stand united with them in their constructive efforts?

A Brand New Day

How can we look at each day with renewed perspective?

Progress in Perseverance

In which ways can we begin to make progress in society and stay perseverant in our efforts?

Strong Standings

How do we stand strong in times of crisis?

Effective Leadership

What are some of the initiatives that can be taken in order to enhance and apply effective leadership skills when promoting positive impacts?

Life is about compassion…
About touching a life…
About making a difference…

Because we believe in humanity
Because we have faith that things can get better
Because we have hope in the future
Because one is good, but, together, we can stand even stronger
Because there is no way we can turn our back lest we be the ones in need
At some point in life, we all need help. We all need someone who is willing to stand in the gap for us and believe in us.
Words are inspiring, but actions speak louder than words.

Welcome to the age of change…

The age of leading with kindness and understanding and the age in which people will demonstrate, through action, that love triumphs hate

It’s time for a change.
It’s time for a vision.
It’s time for unity.


Your thoughts, your voice,
your actions, your choice
Because if not you, then who?

Come Together…

To let others know they are not alone
To let society realize that hatred and discrimination we will not condone
To unite in a shared vision of love, acceptance, and peace
To let light shine and hope increase
To make a lasting impact that can’t be negated
To raise awareness of critical issues in which intervention must be mandated
To learn, grow, and provide support as we inspire one another
To value and appreciate every sister and brother
To effectuate change and progress more productively
To show that we can rise victoriously


Shattered glass among the floor
The echoing sound of a slammed door
Trembles of fear as someone gets the news
A broken bone, cut, or bruise
The bellowing of hunger pains
Ripped clothing soaked in blood sweat stains
No safe place to rest a weary soul
Unanswered pleas leaving one to feel unwhole
Another case of prejudice hitting the front page
Racial tension, injustice, and rage
Just a few of the perils people might face each day
We should seek to help one another without delay
What will it take before we decide to take a stand
Look realistically and lend a helping hand

Another shooting, another precious life gone,
Another trembling in fear, and yet we must find a way to carry on–
Where do we turn when we don’t know where to go?
How can we escape from a life inundated with blow after blow?
There needs to be a way to gain hope,
To make life better, not just to cope,
And a way to live in peace and unity;
If we never try, then we will never see.
We must seek to make our vision for a brighter tomorrow become reality.

In this world which is so often plagued with news stories of horrific incidents, there must be an emphasis on love as it has the power to change lives and to bring forth the results that we need to see occur within society.


I envision the victory march
Of the ones who’ve gone on before,
And, though they’re no longer with us,
I still hear their mighty roar
Telling us to stand our ground and stay true to what we believe
For we have a call to champion and a legacy to leave.
Though we may grow weary as the road is long,
We still need to take strength in singing our victory song.
Let us strive to be the hope that others need to see;
Let us share positive messages of peace and unity.
Let us shine with light in the dark to help others find their way;
Let us continue to sing the song that leads us to a brand-new day.


It’s A New Day…

A day to be who I’m meant to be; A day to rise above the enemy
A day to dream and a day to soar; A day to live and a day to explore
A day to be confident, to hold my head high; A day to conquer fear and a day to try
A day to learn and a day to succeed; A day to be committed and a day to lead


We are made to be united so that a better world we can create.
We are made to be the difference, not leave our future up to fate.