Webinars for Educational Supporters

We plan to offer free webinars to help parents and other educational supporters as they discover more about educational resources available to them; learn about the importance of developing short-term and long-term goals, as well as structuring curriculum to meet students’ educational objectives while adhering to state guidelines; recognize ways in which education can be both informative and engaging; help students to develop organizational skills and time-saving strategies that will assist them in achieving academic success; realize the significance of quality assessments and how they can help monitor students’ progress; find out ways in which motivational methods can be effectively implemented to bolster students’ interest in learning; and understand how online instruction and other technological resources can serve as significant assets in helping students to achieve academic success. We will soon be hosting Plan for Success Webinars in which we will help educational supporters recognize the importance of and initiate a PLAN FOR SUCCESS which includes the following actions:

Purpose to adhere to state standards by knowing guidelines for each course

Let your educational goals factor into your development of a tailored curriculum (Ex. ideas for advancement)

Address the state standards and your educational goals as you formulate workable objectives and categorize them

Note the student’s current level of knowledge and skill by performing a pre-assessment

Find enriching material to meet the objectives

Organize the material in effective ways that will smoothly transition between concepts emphasized

Reach students by integrating motivational mediums

Stay focused and organized with effective note-taking and record keeping

Understand your objectives and goals in each concept taught and help students see the relevance of each lesson

Customize your instruction to address the student’s current learning needs 

Create an effective assessment plan with workable time frames so that you can monitor the student’s progress

Evaluate the student’s progress, and, if needed, revisit the concepts and rework the time frame

Share your thoughts about education with others and support others in their educational endeavors

Stay optimistic and encouraging; make sure to continually provide positive reinforcement throughout the learning process

If you would like to attend one of these webinars, please submit the form below, and we will contact you with additional details regarding these events.

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