Welcoming New Beginnings

Sometimes it can be a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. Just thinking about the challenges that await can be exhausting, and you may feel as if you don’t have the energy needed to combat the day. Focusing on your struggles, weaknesses, and past mistakes may rob you of the energy that you need to persevere through your journey. Moreover, focusing on the negativity of others may bring down your morale. While there are a lot of people that are helping improve this world and making a tremendous difference, there are also a lot of trash talkers and people who want to tear others’ lives apart no matter the cost. It may seem that you are constantly reminded of your prior mistakes, but you can’t change your past; rather, you can only be thankful for the gift of today and build dreams for a brighter tomorrow as living in regret is counterproductive to growth. Surely, there are things that each person would like to change about their lives thus far, but when we wallow in those negative thoughts, the opportunity we have to grow is stagnated. Time on Earth is too precious for us to be caught up in despair. Only when we recognize that as long as we still have breath we also have the opportunity to change our path and become what we aspire to be can we truly take advantage of each moment and not squander the gift we have been given. Remember that each day is an opportunity to start anew, reinvent yourself, and achieve your goals.

I may have let my struggles get the best of me,
Let the dirt get into my eyes until I couldn’t see,
Been kicked into the curb
‘Til my speech was just a blurb,
But not today.
Today, I will rise victoriously,
See all there is that there’s to see.
Turn my ashes into gold.
Let the clouds unfold
The sunshine in my life.
Today, regret will not prevail.
I’ll set my sight straight ahead as I sail.
I’ll make the most of each opportunity,
Knowing it can lead to victory.

Welcoming New Beginnings

I’m gonna set my face to the rising sun,
With pain and oppression I’m done.
I’m gonna live each day with hope and love,
Holding my head towards the sky above.

When the rain starts pouring and the sky turns gray,
I won’t back down.
When I’m worn out, weary, and seem to have lost my way,
I won’t turn around.
I’m pressing on towards my goal because I know what I believe.
I’m living each moment to the fullest until victory I achieve.

You may think that there’s no sense in dreaming, that you’re at your destination,
But a new day has arrived – a day for vivaciousness, for regeneration.
Your life is limited only by the horizons of your imagination,
So boldly dare to envision your vibrant creation.
You will find that, through every nation,
There’s only one you – you’re a unique sensation.
Don’t live in fear or in condemnation,
But be who you are with respect and with elation.
Don’t try to turn the dial to someone else’s station;
You have a song that’s yours to sing through your legacy’s duration.

Be genuine, be true, accept and love yourself with humbleness and admiration.
Take pride in the difference you make and sing with exclamation.
Stand for what you believe in and let your voice carry forth with resonance, with vibration;
Champion your cause and press forth with dedication.
Shine your light through the darkness like a brilliant constellation,
And soon you’ll see that people will greet your passion with ovation.
You are a magnificent shooting star and your life’s a celebration.

Embrace The Day

It’s a new day
A day to be who I’m meant to be
A day to rise above the enemy
A day to dream and a day to soar
A day to live and a day to explore
A day to be confident, to hold my head high
A day to conquer fear and a day to try
A day to learn and a day to succeed
A day to be committed and a day to lead

Be Fierce




Ready to overcome your obstacles


Eager to embrace life

Never forget your past for that will help you aim for success. Yet, rise above the obstacles that would weigh you down and try to inhibit you from being who you can be.

Suggested Songs

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  • Times Like These – Foo Fighters
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  • Undefeated – Jason Derulo
  • Waiting for Tomorrow – Martin Garrix ft. Mike Shinoda
  • Where It Begins – Ivete Sangalo ft. Nelly Furtado
  • Yesterday – Imagine Dragons

May I have the strength to live each day. May I not even get in my own way. May I keep my vision clear as my path I create because I know that happiness and success await.